CNN headlines 1.2


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filename: custom_cnn_headlines.txt
version: 1.2
description : collects top stories from
author: electron

1) copy this script to the homeseer\scripts directory
2) create a new virtual device (description and house/unit code dont matter)
3) assign that house & unit code to the virtualdevice variable in this script
4) create a new event, recurring every 3 minutes (or whatever time interval you like)
5) select custom_cnn_headlines.txt to run in the "Scripts/Speech" tab


version 1.2 (03142005): switched to the CNN XML feed without using the XML parser.
version 1.1 (10272002): when calling the script using custom_cnn_headlines.txt("main","speak") it will hs.speak the headlines
version 1.0 (10252002): added updating LastChange timestamp when headlines have been updated
version 0.9 (10242002): created script


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I updated the script so it now uses the XML feed CNN provides, without parsing it as XML to avoid any security issues. I have been testing this for a few weeks, and so far no problems have been encountered.