Coax I can direct bury


I'm looking for some RG6QS that I can direct bury for a run from the dish on a pole to my house. I need about 500 ft total (2 runs).

I found some BELDEN 7916A at one site, but cannot tell if it is indoor only.

The stuff Smarthome sells says indoor only on it.

I bought a bunch of coax for in the house from Automated Outlet that was supposed to be solid copper core, but turned out to be copper coated steel. They don't even sell coax anymore, I have noticed.

If you know a good source for this, please post a link.


Shouldn't need quad shielding if it is underground. The quad helps if there are strong radio transmitters or very high static noise close by.

I have some standard coax that has been underground since 1999 with no problem. I put it in when I was running water lines so it is about 3-4' down.

As long as you make sure not to cut the outside for the entire run you should not run into any problem. Cuts or scrapes will allow water to seep into the cable and that would cause problems.

Another thing you could do is put it inside some 1/2 or 3/4" black roll water pipe. That way you could have additional protection as well as being able to pull a new piece if you ever did have a problem. It usually comes in 250' coils and uses clamp on connections with stainless clamps.