coaxial compression tool?


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I am looking for advice on getting a compression crimp tool for coax cable. Looking at the price of some of these fittings, I think I will settle for just being able to do F connectors and then use adapters if needed. The BNC and RCA connectors are way more expensive than the F connectors.

As I understand it, these things are not all universal and that you need to get the proper fittings for the tool you have. Therefore I think I want a name brand, not some generic import.

big names are:
Thomas and Betts Snap N Seal #SNSUTL
Paladin SealTite #901024
Paladin DataShark #70014

Is RG59 the cable I want for security cameras?
WayneW said:
Is RG59 the cable I want for security cameras?
Well, I can help a little.

RG59 is fine for composite video and TV. But the higher cable channels and satellite channels require the higher bandwidth of RG6. You may want to standardize on RG6.
With RG6, there are a couple of different types. There is standard and quad. The quad has more sheilding and its diameter is slightly larger. There are also different F connectors for each type of cable. I believe they are color coded.
The one that you showed from Rat Shack is a crimp tool, not a compression tool. The compression type are much better than crimp. Thats why all the cable companies use them.
WayneW said:
Mike, which one didn't you like?
I believe it was the 18001 connectors here:

with this tool (16201):

I cant link directly just scroll down and you will find it.

The one I recommended I have been very happy with, and the connections come out the way they should (now perhaps I was doing something wrong with the other one, but well worth money in getting the new one. Perfect connection every time).
TCassio said:
The one that you showed from Rat Shack is a crimp tool, not a compression tool.
Ooops, sorry. Oh well, the cheapies worked fine for my RG6 satellite cable.
What brand of connectors have you used with it? This looks like a generic import which concerns me a little. Is it trial-and-error adjustable or do they just mean the swappable dies? I just wish everybody could agree on one size & style of compression fitting so that everything was universal.

Home Depot has a cheap $17 DataShark tool. It is actually from Paladin, which is a good name, but Paladin doesn't have this line on their web site. The package gives no idea as to what size or type of connectors work with it. Maybe I should buy it and some of the $7 package of 10 F connectors and quit over-analyzing things. :lol:

Trial and error adjustable. Ive used the Ideal connectors (from Home Depot) as well as the connectors they sell on their site. The dies are threaded with a locknut so you can adjust the depth of the compression to match the particular connector you're using.

They had these as a show special at the last EHX in Orlando (you missed it because you spent too much time at the Smarthome booth B)).