Do you cocoon?

  • Yes, I cocoon!

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  • No, What is cocoonin?

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  • No, I don't have the time!

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Cocooning is a trend that has been going on for a while, and is getting more popular. Now with all the nice technology gadgets coming out, cocooning is brought to a whole new level, and more people are getting interested in this. Do you cocoon? How do you spend your "fun time" at home? We would like to hear from you!
I want to Cocoon, anyone got thee cash to lend me to start?? I hear Big E does...Maybe he will help me. You have all heard the saying, I wanna be like Mike, Well I wanna be Like E....
How do I spend my "fun time" at home?

Well, I start by putting on a compilation of old skool gangsta rap, fill up the jacuzzi with some tantalizing eucalyptus bath beads, and set that baby to '9'... cos you know, I like it rough. Then I reach down to grab my "magic wand" and we get it on with the massaging action! When jets #7 and #8 start oscillating, oh man, it's all over. It's good stuff I tell you, good stuff. :)
HAH, fun time at home?!?! that's an oxymoron.... unless of course you isolate yourself from the rest of the house... :D :D
If you play Xbox, then you are a cocooner ... You are one of us, but denial is indeed the first phase :D