forum changes


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As you can tell, forums and topics are being moved around. In order to keep up with the fast growth, we have decided to move some data around, to make things less confusing, and prepare the site for some other changes in the near future. No data is being deleted, we are simply reordering some categories and forums. This is an ongoing process, so don't be alarmed when you see some strange things :D

We have also added a new manufacture subforum: Elk Products, so if you have any questions about any Elk product, please post them here, since the forum is monitored by people involved with Elk. Please keep in mind that if the question/answer you have could apply to other products (i.e. how to automate blinds using the Elk M1), post them in the regular forums. Thank you!
I like the new and improved look! There were too many places to look before when trying to find a previous post that I wanted to revisit.

Good Job!