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As you might have heard, the machine which resides on, seems to be having hardware problems (potential hard drive failure), so we have been asked to move the site to one of their other servers. We have most of the prep work done, but sometime today (not sure when yet), we need to close this forum, and grab the latest copy of the database, so we can finish the move. We don't expect the downtime to be more than 10 minutes or so, since we will update the old DNS servers to point to the new site as well.

The chat room will still be open, since it's hosted on a different machine, so feel free to stop by if you have any questions :)
How do we know if this is the new or old server? I'm guessing it is handled at the ISP and many of the normal issues in moving a site are bypassed?
I disabled the old site, all it will show you is a text message saying the site has been moved. If you are able to see the forum, and post, you are on the new server ;)