March Madness Giveaway!


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As a thank you for supporting and in an attempt to attract more regulars to this site, is having a month long promotion, giving away over $500 in hardware and software. If this event is a success, we will be holding more contests in order to promote the site, and share the fun.

The hardware and software we are giving away:
"What's everyone want? " You do realize we have expensive taste on this board, don't you? :D I honestly can't tell you what to give, totally up to you, just make sure it's not that visiontech cam or I will be forced to declare myself the winner :p But all kidding aside, by the end of March, your new store should be open, so a small GC might not be a bad idea, whatever you want and are comfortable with, no pressure at all. Thank you for your kind offer!
I gotta go with Electron on that comment. I'm sure quite a few people are interested in zwave, but go with what you are good with. Don't feel pressure from us here. I just hope the traffic from this site helps you out! Electron has done a great job on the board.