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Is anyone in your family having a hard time picking out a gift for you? Are you tired of the boring gifts or gifts which you will never look at again? has the solution! is proud to present the first official Holiday Shopping Guide. This guide was written for these family members, with the intension of making our Cocooners happy. Please feel free to post any comments or gift suggestions you might have!

The Official Holiday Shopping Guide

Happy Holidays!
I read the title to this and i got all excited. I thought you were going to start doing something like DIY to the rescue where you travel to all of our houses and help us finish projects that we started. Then i woke up!
Something else to add to the list:

Radio Shack has the Parallax BOE BOT BASIC Stamp based robot kit for $99.99 after rebate right now. This is about half the normal price. The rebate ends on 12/16.

Parallax BOE BOT at Radio Shack

This would be a good introduction to programming microcontrollers for anyone who is interested. The BASIC Stamp processors are very easy to work with and Parallax does a great job with their educational materials.

The processor is a good general purpose device. While the kit comes with a robot platform and is geared toward introducing robotics, there are plenty of other things you can play with. Parallax has a ton of documentation available for free on their web site.

BOE BOT on Parallax web site
There are links to the manuals there.

Like many other people, I got my start programming microcontrollers using BASIC Stamps. They are a very easy way to start. The only drawback is that they tend to be expensive to use in projects. After playing with Stamps for a number of years, I moved on to using other processors and compilers (it's easier to spend $3 on a processor than $50 on a Stamp). But as a learning tool, I think they are hard to beat.
damn, that's a great deal, wish it didn't involve a rebate as I don't have the $180 up front.