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Tomorrow, it will be exactly 1 year ago when went online and was opened to the public. The site has grown incredibly fast, many friendships were formed, and many things were learnt. Since things look great for, we decided to poll our users to find out what new features they would like to see, as our New Years resolution is to make the site much more useful and fun at the same time.

We are working on some projects that will remain secret until ready, and while we do have many items on our list, we would like to hear from you, in case it is something we haven't thought about yet, or should get higher priority.
While my one year anniversary with CocoonTech won't come up until Jan 16, '05, it has been my favorite "learning" site ever since.

Not being an IT Pro or Electronics Tech, I appreciate eveyone's assistance as I've had questions. Even though I don't respond to very many threads, I read and learn from all of them.

Who knows, maybe someday I will be able to offer a meaningful contribution in return to the site.

Whatever your "secret future projects" are, I look forward to learning something from them also.

So, Happy Birthday CocoonTech, and long may you live and prosper!!!!
Its kind of funny as to how I came to find out about this site. I was doing a net search to find more information about the 2 "Cocoon" movies...really. I saw this site that was obviously new but dealt with home automation, which I was already well involved in with the ADI controllers. Then just a week or so later BSR posted something on the appdig support forum and he had a link (in his sig line if I remember right) to this site. This made me take another look and ended up visiting periodically. When traffic picked up (end of last January) it became part of my regular round and I only really started to post in April or so. Given the nature of HA forums up until now, it took me a little while to figure out that this was was not a product or manufacturer specific forum like almost all the others. That plus the healthy mix of serious HA enthousiasts is what makes it still a rather unique and fun place to meet these like minded people. The varying fields of experience people have here make it very useful for helping each other out. Some like myself know hardware and electronics. Others know lots about home theaters and A/V gear, others about Windows and networking, etc.

I hope it continues this way...!
I've had a great time in the year (almost - January 12) since I joined up. The site's been really informative and I've made a lot of friends here.

And for any of you looking for a way to drive your wife insane you've come to the right place! I've found enough news toys and ideas here that I'll have her eyes rolling at me for years to come!
I've been saving up money (tough when your married) ever since I got here some months ago. I read every single post. This place is one of a kind. I've never been on a forum where the "big boys" don't ridicule the new guys. It's been a great experience so far.
Well, tomorrow will make my one year anniversary as a member of Cocoontech! I remember electron and I talking last Christmas Eve about the site and its possibilities.

I feel very privileged that I am also lucky enough to be a staff member on Cocoontech and I have a tremendous amount of respect for all of its members. It is an honor associating with the knowledgeable people here, especially when working on a solution for a fellow member.

A lot of hours were poured into this site, but it’s all worthwhile when you see a post of how you were able to help someone out!

I believe our site is unique in the fact that we are not associated with a particular vendor or product and are therefore not biased in our opinions or comments.

I also cherish the many friendships developed over the year. This was very evident after my wife and son had that terrible accident and I saw the downpour of concern from my fellow members. My wife still talks about how nice it was to receive the large bouquet of flowers from people she has never met! Our family was very touched!

I am looking forward to future endeavors as well and wish all of our membership a very happy holidays and hope for the best for their families during the next New Year!

All of you guys have done an EXCELLENT job at creating a wonderful site. BSR (Hope your family is doing well) and Electron do a lot of work outside of work to keep this up and running. It would be so neat to someday get to meet all of you guys but life is so busy and we live so far from one another. One BEAUTIFUL thing about this BB is how close it can bring people living so far away. Thanks for all the help from every member. Have a save and blessed new year and keep up the good work.

PS rodriguez24,
If I personally ever make you feel this way ("where the "big boys" don't ridicule the new guys) I beg you to call me on the carpet at once. I love to help others and never want to act like I'm better than any one else. I apologize if I've done this and will work to make it better. "where the "big boys" don't ridicule the new guys
Congrats on one year!! And hey, that makes it an anniversary for my membership too. Go me!

Well done sight E. I do wish I had more time to devote and actually work on this stuff more, but you guys are always there when I have Q's. VERY much appreciated!
I've only been a member here for less than 2 weeks, in which time I have read a good portion of all the posts and I have to admit it is quite amazing how much info you've managed to build up in only 1 year!

I agree with rodriguez24 in that it's really nice to be on a board where more knowledgeable members never look down at the "Newbies" and I have to say that this is one of the main attractions for me of this place, as well as everyone's willingness to help ANYONE.

I also like the personal nature of people's interactions (announcing birthday wishes etc.), and I feel like I know a lot of you pretty well already.

I've also been digging back in the wiring cabinet, damn it there is some funny stuff there! Always nice to have a good laugh.

Well done to all staff members, this is a truly great board!

Happy Birthday and Long Live CocoonTech!