Cocoontech March Madness Contest Winners


We drew two winners along with having a lot of fun in our Friday Night Chat!

AVI video for the remote drawing:
AVI video for the z-wave drawing:

More details will follow (including pics and details of the night's events) but for now we would like to announce the two winners of our grand prizes.

We will also announce our "surprise" item winners which included Steve Raucco's Plugin and many Gift Certificates from Martin of Automated Outlet!

The winner of the Harmony remote is :


The winner of the Z-Wave Starter Kit is:


Thanks to Harmony Remote and Homeseer Technologies for providing these wonderful items for our contest!

Thanks to Steve Rauco for giving away copies of his plugin during the chat session.

Thanks to Cocoontech's very good friend Martin of Automated Outlet ( for his very generous gift certificates throughout the evening.

Additional details will follow (to tired from running that contest right now, hehe).

Your Team,
Electron, BSR, and Zack
Sorry I missed most of the action Friday night, but it looks like fun was had by all! Thanks to the team & sponsors for putting this great site together and supporting it! Bring on the next contest!!!
It was a fun night for the chat, and thanks for the Gift Certificate! We all had a fun night. Thanks to all those who supported the event!
I was a winner of one of the Roc Randomizer Plugins.... Still can't figure out what its for but im sure it will come in handy soon!
Thanks for the update Martin. If Mr. Rauco could list his winners, I won't have to search through the chat log to find out. (John, hope your wife is doing better!)
I got back to Korea Friday night - one month and one day left and we'll be on our way back to the USA! We've arranged for a 5-day layover in Hawaii on the way back :)

I'm really looking forward to getting back to the U.S. for good (or for as long as Uncle Sam lets me)!
Sorry about that. I still have contest hangover with all that virtual beer being handed out on Friday. I had two winners which were:

Squintz with a copy of the ROC Randomizer


RV6Pilot who snagged a copy of the ROC Outlook Interface

Congrats to both and thanks to the Cocoontech staff and AutomatedOutlet for a great night!

Could you do a post of each of these products? I'd sure like to learn more about them and I'll bet other people would too!