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CocoonTech Members:

The CocoonTech staff may implement a mandatory purchase of the X-10 Car Monitor developed and explained in THIS How-To in order to meet necessary funding for this site’s existence as well as “open the door†to promote its own sponsored product line (sort of a new path we would like for our site).

First let us please explain the reason for this approach. CocoonTech has grown tremendously over the past two years (currently over 580 members) and does not take in any sort of “income†from advertisements or sponsors. We do this in order to keep the site “neutral†from any opinions or domination by a particular company or vendor. By promoting our own product we feel we will keep this neutrality as well as gain the much needed revenue to keep this site functioning.

An example of this need for increased funding can be exemplified by the recent “outages†and “SQL Database†errors recently encountered by some of our membership when they tried to access this board (plus a decision was recently made to move to a different host site).

The staff does not have all the details worked out but is seriously considering a one-time purchase by each member (which must be made before they can access the site). CocoonTech is negotiating with an EBay vendor to handle the product sales and shipping details (right now they only accept PayPal, but these are just some of the details that need worked out). CocoonTech also does not know exactly how to offer this Car Monitor to our membership (prefer offering it as a “kit†to keep manufacturing costs to a minimum).

The staff explored a LOT of options, all with their various pros and cons, but decided that this one would offer the best avenue for the future of CocoonTech.

Your opinions are welcome, but please understand our situation before commenting! More details will be forthcoming.


electron and BraveSirRobbin Administrator and Moderator
I'd rather donate thru a PayPal or similar link, but I know how electron LOVES PayPal... hehe.
Will the official CocoonTech circuit board have a green solder mask (unlike the unmasked board in the post above)? My car is green and I'd like it to match.

And as far as it being in kit form, wouldn't this be a good opportunity for Electron to practice his soldering skills?
I actual think it would be better to have Guy (Who lives in Canada) and Electron (who lives in NY, close to Canada) to work on smuggling-in non-water saving toilets and reselling them in the US for a considerable profit. I'm sure tons of revenue could be generated this way. As an added incentive, the toilets could have a DS10A added to them to work as a "seat up" reminder (for a premium).
Furthermore, Guy could insert RFID tags into each toilet so we can track their movement accross the border.
Why not have everyone purchase and then eat an RFID tag and then we can REALLY track their "movements" ?
I would like for you to start offering T-Shirts in Black Red and Blue with a small cocoontech logo on it. Maybe even a polo shirt. I know i'v asked this in the past but if you give me permision I get the process rolling and we could talk about sharing the profits :p
Actually, the RFID tag will be surgically implanted in a body part that is as close as possible to the toilet seat when in use for reliable communications. I have also contacted a well known HS plugin developer who will add "movement" tracking and logging capabilities (as well as bathroom light control) to HS 2.0. I can't name the developer but I can tell you that the plugin will be known as the "DeepDooDoo" plugin.

We are looking for beta testers right now. People who sign up will have to sign a release for any undesirable side effects due to the RFID implant. The implant installation method is still being discussed but Electron is working on a "blaster" type design (as soon as he figures out which pin is the emitter). As an incentive, beta testers will get a discounted introductory price. We're also negotiating an exclusive distribution agreement with AutomatedToilet once the bugs are flushed oiut.

...hey is it April already?
To follow up on Guy and nsisman's ideas:

I believe that added benefit would be achieved in Guy's system by also allowing the system to track swallowed RFID devices (the recently demonstrated implanted one should be small enough to swallow). This will allow for more precise movement tracking.

{and now, this is the comment that I was going to make after reading nsisman's response but didn't get around to it until after Guy posted:}

And, if one of these RFIDs stays in one place too long, you will know that there is blockage somewhere along the line (in one set of pipes or the other).
In case anyone hasn't heard yet, Google has also just announced a new product, Google Gulp. I guess all of these web sites lure you in with useful content and services for free and then hit you with the product (although Google Gulp is not yet commercially available). Note that this product is available by invitation only, so it's a another round like Gmail.
Every now and then I wonder why I spend so much time reading this dribble.

Then comes a thread like this and I feel justified.

Seriously though, why are toilets so damn close to the ground? Are they made for (edited: height challenged people)? I already know what my knees look like.

I will willingly buy one of those Canadian toilets to help support Cocoon, but only if I don't have to constantly carefully lower my ponderous body to it's level.

4/1? I guess I better stay home, I don't take jokes well.