CocoonTech Summertime 2007 Water, Wear, & Wave Contest Winners


Thanks to all that entered our CocoonTech Summertime 2007 Water, Wear, and Wave Contest!

CocoonTech would also like to thank HomeSeer Technologies for offering the Z-Troller and AutomatedOutlet for offering the gift certificate for this series of contests!

Here are the winners:

SpaceCowboy Won the WATER Contest

ginigma Won the WEAR Contest

matrix Won the WAVE (Z-Troller) Contest

All three winners will be contacted soon so their prizes can be sent to them!

Congratulations to SpaceCowboy, ginigma, and matrix for being winners in our Water, Wear, and Wave Contests! ;)
Very cool, thanks!

Looking forward to taking the plunge into Z-Wave (from an all x10 house).

Thanks CocoonTech and HomeSeer.