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PHOENIX, AZ - December 19, 2010 - Codecore Technologies, LLC announced today the availability of Elve, a control, automation, and media management solution providing automated and remote control for all your home automation and home theater devices from anywhere in the world.

"Consumers and professional integrators have told us that they want an easy to configure but powerful and flexible solution for home and commercial control, automation, and media management," said John Hughes, President of Codecore Technologies. "Elve integrates your automation and home theater systems and devices into a single cohesive solution providing internet enabled remote and automated control. Elve controls your lighting & electrical, media players, security system, cameras, home theater, infrared devices, multi-room audio, thermostats, irrigation and more. We have applications for your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, PocketPC, Windows, Windows CE, MacOS, Linux, and your web browser. Elve is a secure and powerful high-quality tool that sets a new standard in ease of setup and configuration in the control and automation industry."

Elve supports more than 80 automation technologies and provides a number of ways for 3rd party developers to extend and interface with the system. There is an easy to use plug in architecture for .NET developers, a RESTful web service, a persistent TCP protocol, a touch screen thin client protocol, and IIS/ASP.NET support. The Driver Development Incentive Program and Touch Screen Design Incentive Program offer a free license for developers and designers who contribute extensions to Elve.

System Requirements

Elve supports Windows XP, Windows Embedded Standard, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008.

Pricing and Availability

Elve is available for download with a 40-day free trial at . Elve Enthusiast, Elve Power Enthusiast, Elve Professional (Residential), and Elve Professional (Commercial) have a suggested retail price of $250, $499, $899, and $1099 respectively. As an introductory incentive, prospective buyers can take advantage of a $150 promotional discount for a limited time.

About Codecore Technologies

Codecore Technologies, LLC is a Phoenix, Arizona based software development and technologies company specializing in large scale application development using Microsoft® .NET technologies for web, cloud, server, frontend, and mobile platforms. Visit for more information.


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This marks the version 1.0 release that we have all been waiting for.

I wanted to take a moment to thank all the generous users for participating in the beta program and providing excellent feedback. Thank you very much, you have helped improve the quality of Elve for all of us.

We look forward continuing work on Elve and have a long list of post-1.0 enhancements on our to do list. Some of these enhancements will come in the form of minor updates to version 1.0 while others will be released with the next major release down the road.

Here are the changes from the prior release candidate which are included in v1.0.

Device Driver Changes
Fixed: If the ACT TI103 driver's Device List setting was not set errors would occur whenever device data was received.
The UPB, Insteon, and ACT TI103 drivers now uses the new ScriptArray callbacks for writable arrays.
The Global Variables driver now uses the new ScriptObject CloneLocally method instead of calling Serialize/Deserialize.
Fixed: The Insteon LightNames property was not returning names for unset devices.
Fixed: The Popcorn Hour Driver's internal unique identifier was incorrect. Users of this driver should delete the old driver and re-add it.
Fixed: When editing a script in TS Builder Action list, selecting 'TouchScreen' or 'TopTouchScreen' from the datatype autocomplete popup would cause an error.
Fixed: The Date & Time driver now stores the TimeZone using the ID and not the display name.
The Touch Screen Loader Button control can now load a touch screen into any inner touch screen in the entire loaded touch screen hierarchy.
Fixed: The UPB driver could fail to read the UPStartExport.upe if the network password was too large.
Fixed: The UPB LightNames array started at 0 instead of 1.
Fixed: UPB commands could be ignored when sending them back to back.
Fixed: The Squeezebox driver was sending out a number instead of boolean for ZoneShuffleStates notifications and was not sending out ZoneShuffleModes at all.

New Drivers
Added Octava Matrix Switch driver.

Driver SDK
The Driver InvokeMethodAfterDelayAsync and SetPropertyAfterDelayAsync methods now make local clones the parameter values.
Added ScriptObjectExample attribute to API for adding example scripts to script object classes and members (including drivers).
The ScriptObject class now implements ICloneable.
The ScriptObject class now has a CloneLocally() method.

Thanks again.