combining serveral sets of powered PC speakers


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So I decided I wanted to have HA audio in my bedroom, but since the Elk power distribution power supply can't handle the addional Elk audio amp load without upgrading that PS, I decided to just grab one of my spare set of powered PC speakers, and use those, since it works well in the living room. But when I hook them up, the audio is very weak, on both speakers. When I disconnect the 2nd set of speakers, audio levels are back to normal on the first set of speakers. Is this because I am splitting the signal, or is something else wrong? Both speakers use 1 Cat5e pair.

I'm not sure, but I believe it is because you are splitting the signal (I assume from your sound card output).

Why not just use ONE channel out of that sound card for the bedroom and the other for your original source location? You really don't need stereo for HA sound announcements.

Not sure if that long Cat5e is a problem either. How long of a run is it?
Chances are the reduced total impedance of the two sets of speakers, coupled with the resistance and capacitance of the Cat5E cabling is overloading the output of your computer.

Can you say distribution amp? Your best bet would be to get something like this: