Company Hopes to Make Windows for Future


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PARK CITY, Utah - It looks like any of the other stately houses here — nestled in the snowcapped hills, up narrow winding roads and past a slow wooden gate.

But what makes the two-story, 6,000 square-foot home different from any other is what's inside — the windows. They turn from clear to opaque white with the push of a button. Many double as speakers, computer monitors or television sets.

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I've seen these types of windows now for a few years. They've been saying the technology is here, but expensive. Its great to see someone finally took that initial step to create a house with them, not to mention revolving around them. Maybe people will start buying them, the price will go down and those regular folks like us will be able to afford them! I think this is great, but I'd like to know how much they spent on the house LOL
They won't be affordable for a while, that's for a long time, that's a given! Anderson is pretty big, they run their commercials here all the time.
Thats good it will be a LOOOOOOOOOOONG time before I'd be able to afford them anyhow LOL. As with all technology, it will drop in price though. It does take awhile, but I think this is a step in the right direction, thats for sure.