Compaq iPaq Desktops


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Maybe a deal...

My local, end-of-lease resale shop has about 70 of these that he is selling for $69.95 each. These are nice and small :blink: , lack expansion slots :( , but have several USB ports :).

Compaq iPaq Desktops

Most of them are 733MHz, 128M RAM, and 10G HD. Some have 256 or 320M RAM and 20G HD's.

Let me know if anyone is interested and I'll pass on the contact info.


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I'm half temped to buy one just for the price :blink: but not quite sure what I could use one for. I'm sure if you are running a box as a router or a asktrik applience it would handle it. Don't think it could run ML or CQC right? Humm... :)