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I would like to know if there is a simple DIY USB "controller" that I can build that PH would somehow be able to control. Even if PH doesn't control it directly, so long as I can use a simple program that PH can run, perhaps through a command line interface, that would be fine. But if there is software that PH already directly supports, that all the better. The controller would be nothing more that a switch or 12 volts (ultimately, I need a switch, but I can hook a relay up to the 12 volts). The controller would be controlled by software which would either turn the output on or off. What I plan to do is when I use my computer to play DVDs, I want to change my speaker selection. So, the way it would work is, Powerhome launches ZoomPlayer, then PH send some signal to this USB device which in turn selects the correct speakers. I have the final step down, which I do manually now, but I would like PH to do it for me.

So, to summarize, I want a USB device that will close a switch, or provide 12 volts as controlled by a simple program. That's it. :p
Why USB? You could use a SimpleHomenet Insteon relay module which gives you 8 form C relays controlled by Insteon commands. (Would have to check with Dave on how to define this as an Insteon device in PH though)

I also go low tech and plug a 12V wall wart into an Insteon appliance module sometimes to control relays with Insteon.
Well, I wanted USB originally because I have plenty of USB ports on my computer. I would really like to keep it simple. In fact, building one would be just fine--I might learn something along the way. I guess I thought programming the USB would be easy. Serial (or even parallel) would be fine too. The SimpleNet relay module sounds like a nice product, and would give a lot of versatility, but it's just more than I wanted to spend on this.