Concatenation of Elk commands on RS232


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We're in the late stages of developing a Home Automation controller that has a heap of interfaces to established products on the market. They include lighting systems, music control (multi-room, multi-source), pool control, blinds and curtains, climate and security. The system has been designed to enhance the systems it works with, not to replace them. It's not a security panel, nor a lighting control system in it's own right. It does however offer a web based front-end for all of the devices it chats to. Out of the box, a large amount of the common programming (ie irrigation control) is taken care of for the installer. We also offer the installer the ability to set what relays are controlling what devices ie... the Elk relays can be used for irrigation or blinds (activated by commands we send), likewise the systems' connected can have their real-time clocks adjusted.

This brings us to a small problem. In some cases, we need to activate two contacts at exactly the same time (used for a stop command for some blinds). Currently, I can's see a way of sending out two 'pulse' commands to the Elk through the ASCII RS232. Is there a way to concatenate two or more commands and if so, will the devices all operate at the same time?

I hope someone from Elk Products may be able to help with this question.


To get the fastest response for activating outputs, setup a Task Rule:

Whenever TASK 1 is activated
then Turnon Output 10
then Turnon Output 11

Send the ASCII RS232 command to the M1 to activate Task 1. There will be a few milliseconds delay between the outputs turning on, but normally that can be lived with.

Separate ASCII Output Turnon commands will take 25 to 50 milliseconds between turnon commands.