Concord 4 - X-10 interface with Insteon?


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I am installing a GE/ITI Concord 4 security system. With it, I purchased a controler card that can turn x-10 devices on and off (see link).

I'd like this functionality so I can log on to and set the lights to turn on and off at certain times, or to make them all turn on in the event of an intruder or fire. My question is this. Should I be able to install Insteon devices that can take commands from this card? From what I've read in the forums, the Insteon devices are able to recieve the x-10 commands so it should work right?

Thanks for your help.
Yes, Insteon devices can also be assigned an X-10 address.

Just keep 2 things in mind:

The Insteon SignaLincRF's do NOT repeat or bridge X-10 signals between phases (nor does ANY Insteon device repeat X-10 signals like they repeat Insteon signals).

All Insteon devices are two-way even if they don't have an X-10 address assigned and therefore tend to absorb and weaken X-10 signals.

Because of the above you may have to install an X-10 repeater/bridge at your service panel or X-10 boosters in your system.