Conecting i/o ports in dvr card?


Hi Im seeking for some help about what can a dvr card I/O relay ports can do.

I have several dvr card por video surveillance, cctv cameras, ip cameras, etc.
IM building pc based dvr systems for pc surveillance but I have several cards that have I/O ports but I dont know how exactly this port work.

I have the software to control them and I know that they are low voltage relays,

What do I do with this ports, what can I connect and control with this ports can someone please help me.

If anyone have some tutorials or diagrams what can I control with I/o ports and dry contacts ports

I know that I can control alarms, lights, but I dont know how to conect them exactly thanks for your help.

I know that this ports are used to triger an action for example if motion is detected turn on a light or something like that.

I apreciate your hellp
Hi Isaac, do you have a model # (sounds like a great card)? In order to control i.e. a siren, I would hook that output up to another Relay, rated to handle that siren, and you should be good to go.
ill check you on the model number, but most dvr cards have relays and dry contacts output, can you please tell me how would be the conection.

I understand that I have to plug the siren to the i/o port but can you explain me more how is the setup of that, what did you mean you conect the relay to another relay to control the siren.
I think the first thing we have to do is look up your card and see how much voltage/amp those onboard relays can support.
what about amperage? If you can find a device to hook up which is within the limits, then it should be really easy to hook up. The manual should have the diagrams.