Confirmed: 2-way Z-Wave (ACT ZTT000 thermostat)


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We tested the ACT ZTT000 thermostat and it, indeed, it does support 2-way Z-Wave communication!

When you press the "mode" button on the unit, it can notify your PC controller that the mode changed (cool to gas heat, etc.). And when you press the "fan" button, it can notify your PC controller that the fan mode has changed.

It's really cool to see a Z-Wave device with some "true 2-way."

Squintz: no, no, not at all. That functionality has been built into Z-Wave for a _long_ time. In fact, the ACT Z-Wave "transmitter" switch had a form of "live status" built into it as well, where it could tell your PC controller that it was turned on or off in real time.