Confirming NextAlarm the hard way


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Well today I learned 3 things:
1) I really am a newbie at this stuff
2) The Elk can call the central monitoring station quickly
3) NextAlarm really is paying attention.

I ripped out the ADT dining room motion, put in a cool Bosch blueline motion. Thing is, I set it up in the Elk remote programming software as a "Burglar Interior" instead of a "Burglar Interior Follower", which for the non-Elk among us means that there's an instant alarm if it's tripped during the Armed Away mode. A "Follower" means that it'll give you a few seconds to punch in the code, then sound the alarm.

That's fine for most of my other zones, but the DiningRoom has a clear line of sight to the front door. That means that I need to trip the front door, then walk to the KeyPad, thusly tripping the DiningRoom.

I walk in, look at the alarm keypad, crap my pants, quickly disarm it. I think i've gotten it in time when the phone rings. (well under 60 seconds from front door entry). We had a message already, so I only had 2 rings to get to it. Damn cordless wasn't on the base, and I missed the call.

I hadn't yet printed out the nextalarm info, so I go to pull up their website before the cops show up and charge me $250 for a false alarm. Damn DSL is hanging. I finally get to the site, pull up the customer service #, call them up, totally forget my password. Remembered it, called it all off, and immediately went to elkRP to set the type correctly.

Upside is, cops didn't come cuz I made the call in time. Plus, now i know that all this crap actually works, and so does the wife, who happened to be 5 steps behind me.
I feel bad for your wife if she was only 5 steps behind you when you crapped your pants. That could be considered spousal abuse.