Congratulations DavidL on the Birth of Your Son!


Belated congratulations goes out to Cocooner DavidL on the birth of his son this week! :D

Best wishes to your new born son and your family David!

The Staff
Congratulations from me as well. If this is your first, then as the father of 2 girls let me reassure you that yes, indeed, the diapers will not always smell as bad as they do for newborns.

Ok, they do, but you get used to it, so you won't notice anymore :D
Thanx all. Most appreciated. All is going well with mom and son. My daughter is starting to get used to it, and that is a relief. Started to work on some "BabyLobby" projects so stay tuned those with toddlers / infants.
If you can build an automated DiaperLobby you will be rich! Congrats to you and the family.