connect diginet center 4.13 to server- argggg


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This is an old topic but I think I've tried everthing I could find here. I'm trying to connect digital witness center 4.13 (aka diginet) to the digital witness (server) on another computer on my LAN through a d-link DIR-625 wireless router. I am running the same version client and server, have a password(same) on both and have tried setting up port forwarding on the router based on the ports listed in the server program. The only thing that appeared odd is that I couldn't set up 8080 for port forwarding because my router said it conflicted with remote management port. That must be a standard setting that I don't think I set up. I've had one of 2 results: a counter with a completion bar starts counting then comes back with connection failed or what I think is close to sucess: incorrect private NO vs site code. I've put the same site code and name in both. And firewalls are down. Can anyone help please, this is making me nuts. :huh:
Contact the dealer that sold it to you. If it is a legit setup they will get you going. If it's pirated... they probably won't.