Connect PC to new LCD TV/Monitor


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Is there an adapter that will allow me to conect a PC with a normal monitor connection to an DVI LCD? The PC is a mini pc with no upgrade capabilities.
That's what I meant that the new LCD only has a DVI connection and my PC only has the "normal" VGA connection.
VGA->DVI conversion ain't gonna be cheap, those boxes are $200-$300. Is that mini PC just a small form factor, but fullsize box?

Wondering if there's any ability to swap out the vidcard with one that does DVI out.

I know there's a few HDMI cards out now, but I think they're only PCIe which isn't going to be an option on an older box. That LCD must be able to take the nonencrypted DVI signal, right?
I think your right that link has a note :
Please note: The DVI-I Female connector used in this adapter cable mates to the analogue pins incorporated in the DVI-I interface to send the analogue VGA signals to your monitor. It does not convert VGA analogue signals to DVI digital!

I think I just need to look for a different monitor/TV. Thanks guys.
I think you are on track with that. I'm not sure of the technical reasons, but only some LCD TV's are usable as PC monitors. If it doesn't have the inputs for it, you'll probably run into some issues.
Oh, just as an idea, has a Maxent 26" screen for $399. It is refurbished, but it is a nice monitor (I believe this is the same one that costco had). It has RS-232 control, pc inputs, etc.

If it was smaller I'd use it in the kitchen, if it was larger I'd use it elsewhere. Then again, it is refurbished...
Can you supply a link to the LCD? There aren't very many digital only models out there- most that have a DVI connector are using the version that takes analog or digital. . .

Here's one of the models. Sam's has about 9 new 15 -19" LCD TV/Monitors that all have only DVI inputs.
so why do you need a TV? If it's hooked up to the PC, can't you just get a regular LCD monitor w/VGA input?