Connecting NX-8E to DL900


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I have an NX-8E system with a NX-148E panel. I have installed it and programmed it up fine with the panel, however I have been unable to connect the DL900 software to the serial port interface.

So far I have:
Connected the comm port 2 of the computer through a serial - NX-8E connector (5x2 hole connector) The plug goes on both ways so I have tried both (anyone know which way up it goes??)
I have turned on the serial port and set it to 9600bps
I have setup the software to comm2, 9600bps and binary (the default of the NX-8E).

Every time I try to connect it says that it takes about 45 sec and then gives an error "error writing data to module number 0...0"

Can anyone see what I am doing wrong or offer any advice on how to get it connected.


The red stripe on the ribbon cable for the adapter goes towards the bottom of the NX8e board.

I'm guessing the NX8e settings are not correct. Look below:

207__________1__________Serial Port Enabled
208__________2__________9600 Baud (make sure DL900 matches)
209__________1__________ASCII Mode (make sure DL900 matches)
210__________1__________(All Segments Off for DL900 Software)

Also, make sure that the settings are saved correctly after you modify them (press the * key after you make a settings change). You can do this by going back to the location and make sure the Location and Segments have the modified changes (I remember this being a little tricky).

Then make sure your DL900 is set to the correct COM port as well as ASCII mode and 9600 Baud.

The only other thing it could be is maybe the cable is not correct. I believe that it is a straight through cable and you only need to use pins 2, 3, and 5. You might want to ring the serial cable out that you are using or try another one.


Just checking, but did you verify all those NX8e keypad settings were correct? Did you set the DL900 to ASCII? Would any other program be using that serial port (HomeSeer for instance?)

The only other two things I could suggest are:

Try another COM port.

Ring out those cables with a meter and see the status of pins 2, 3, & 5.
After many months of waiting, I have a NX8e sitting here (you would think I would know better than waiting for a friend of a friend to come thru, and after reading this forum for a few months, I wish I had an ELK, but its a start). Now I'm trying to figure out how to program it. I've used the keypad and set up a few test zones. I bought the cable and downloaded the DL900 program, but I haven't had any luck connecting the two.

BSR, you said the red stripe goes towards the bottom. I looked the photo of yours in a differant post, and we have the boards mounted the same way. I'm not sure which way you mean by bottom, it looks to me more like front or back.

In this thread, it was mentioned that the com port needs to be set, I have no idea how to do this, any suggestions?
From memory, the "bottom" is where the screw terminals are. If this doesn't make sense let me know and I'll get a step stool and look at mine again (my box is mounted high).

You have to program the "location and segments" as stated in the second reply of this thread. This setting will enable the com port on the NX8e

207__________1__________Serial Port Enabled

Also, you CAN have binary mode (instead of ASCII). Just make sure your DL900 settings match up.
My computer crashed that had my DL900 software. I have to have version 2.8 or older to work with my system. Would anyone happen to have it or know where I can get it? I've tried called Interlogix, but since I'm not an authorized installer, I can't get any help. I've tried versions 3.04, 4.1, and 5.4 and none of the newer versions will allow me to connect to my system. Any help would be much appreciated.