Connecting PCAccess to HAI Omni II

I purchased an Omni II just before HAI released the Omni IIe (kicking self hard), and I cannot for the life of me get the serial connection established so I can use PCAccess. The Omni is already configured as a security system and working fine. I had hoped to use PCAccess to configure my X-10 lighting and other stuff.

Here's what I've done so far. I loaded PCAccess (the non-Dealer version) and created a new file. I configured the serial port in the software to the correct COM port and 9600 baud. I set CODE 1 in the software to correspond to the master code that I have configured already. From an HAI console, I enabled PC access and set the PCAccess code to the same as the master code. I just purchased the HAI serial connector from Worthington along with the 4-pin telco cable. As soon as I configure the port in the software, it says ONLINE. When I try and set the time, the connection just times out. I have tried this from two different computers and multiple serial ports. Windows XP Pro, Windows 2003 Adv. Server. I get the same result each time. I have also tried the built-in modem on my laptop to no avail.

At this point, I'm wondering if I have a bad board. I reset the ram but that doesn't help either.

Note: the PCAccess version is 2.4a and the board revision is 2.9.

Any help would be most appreciated.

I'm about one step away from trading in this Omni II on a IIe. The only thing stopping me is the $700 investment I already have made and the fact that I probably would get very little for trade in value.
I wish I knew enough about HAI stuff to help you on this. It sounds like a cable problem or something still not enabled in the panel but I don't know where to start. Did you give Tom Morgan over at Worthington a call to see if he had any ideas?

Also did you have a look at this document?
Make sure that your serial port is set to Omni-link mode and not Pro-link. The client software talks Omni-link, but it uses Pro-link to pass regular ASCII messages back and forth.

Quite a pain having to switch the serial port back around. I use Pro-link for talking to Misterhouse, but any time I want to use PC-Access I have to go to a console and change the serial port mode.

I hear you on the OmniII vs. IIe, same thing happened to me. I think I'll probably just buy the IIe board in a couple months from Automated Outlet and try and eBay the old II board, I really want the ethernet access and no more serial cable and port switching!

I found the problem. The default setting for the built in serial port was set to UPB. As soon as I changed it to Omni-Link, the connection worked right away. Thanks for the quick response.