[Contest] HomeSeer Technologies Z-Troller Give-Away

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HomeSeer Technologies is joining the CocoonTech Summertime 2007 Water, Wear, and Wave (Z-Wave that is) Contest theme by offering a HomeSeer Z-Troller as one of the prizes!

BSR Edit: Congratulations to matrix for winning this WAVE Contest!


CocoonTech announced this device when the press release came out in October 2006.

Bedford, NH - HomeSeer Technologies announces its new "Z-Troller" PC/Z-WaveR computer interface. The new interface revolutionizes HomeSeer Z-Wave network setup by dramatically simplifying the process. With Z-Troller, you need only press one button to add, delete or identify any Z-Wave device (light switch, lamp module, motion sensor, thermostat, etc) in your HomeSeer PC network.

Z-Troller is the ONLY self-contained handheld Z-Wave primary controller that also operates as a Z-Wave computer interface. "In the past, HomeSeer users had to purchase a primary Z-Wave controller and separate Z-Wave computer interface. With Z-Troller, this is no longer necessary", states Richard Helmke, HomeSeer's founder and president. "A new global Z-Wave network optimization feature is also supported by Z-Troller. This one feature alone is worth its weight in gold" adds Helmke.

Additional information about the Z-Troller can be found HERE.

This Z-Troller contest is limited obviously to members who both use HomeSeer AND Z-Wave products! This is a great addition to anyone using these two technologies so we really want to see this go to someone who will reap all the benefits of combining his/her HomeSeer software with their Z-Wave hardware!

To enter this contest, qualified members who meet the above requirements need to only reply below to this thread with Z-Troller as the first word.

Note that one can enter both this Z-Troller contest and the Water and Wear Contest.

All entries have to be received before midnight eastern time on Monday July 23, 2007. A random winner will be selected and announced from all qualifying entries somtime on July 23, 2007. Winners will be notified via CocoonTech Private Message (so make sure you have your PM option enabled).

CocoonTech would like to thank HomeSeer Technologies, especially Mark Colegrove (Director of Sales and Marketing) for providing this generous item to our contest!

About HomeSeer Technologies:

HomeSeer Technologies LLC is a leading provider of home automation software, controllers and related services designed specifically for custom electronics installers and consumers. The company focuses on advancing the state of the art in home automation integration.

HomeSeer, originally named Keware Technologies, was established in 1998 with the goal of providing affordable and easy to use software based on proven technology. As the company has grown and expanded their offerings to include home automation hardware and a new professional series of products for custom electronics integrators and installers.

Their first product, HomeSeer Home Automation Software v1.0 (HS1) was a new breed of software uniquely designed to give users remote access to their homes from their living rooms, offices, or even vacationing half a world away! That software has evolved into the #1 selling home automation software in the US!

Their newest program, HomeSeer v2.0 (HS2), continues the tradition of innovation they started with HS1 and provides a wealth of new features using the latest Microsoft .NET software tools. A professional version of HS2 is embedded in their revolutionary controller, the PRO-100.

The owner of the company, Richard J. Helmke, has over 25 years experience developing software for embedded systems and the networking industry.

HomeSeer has a very active user support forum and a large number of members here on CocoonTech are also members of that forum as well! :) A lot of these forum members have been using HomeSeer for many years and it has established a large following in the Home Automation world. B)
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