Control 1 puter with multiple touchscreens cat5


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I have been looking around at KVM over cat5 and such, but it seems it's the reverse of what I want.

I want to have multiple touchscreens connected to one server and all show the same thing, OR, the TS's would all be independant users so they could be operated simultaneously. Has to be over cat5 or wireless.

Anyone know of anything?

Not sure what specific touchscreens, but in general, a VGA or DVI splitter to get the video to the touchscreens, and then a USB hub to combine the inputs.
Extron, and Geffen make vga and dvi splitters. Yoy can probably find them at or

Hope this helps, and good luck.
THat's cool, but a little small. Wanted at least 15".

But to buy 4 of these would be like $4800 whereas if I could get a few touch screens on ebay and the cat5 kvm thing, would be prolly half that.