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GRHS Technologies Releases TiVo® Plug-In for HomeSeer

Upstate NY - GRHS Technologies is pleased to announce the release of the world’s first and only Tivo® plug-in for HomeSeer. The new plug-in is designed to allow HomeSeer users to monitor and control their homes using a TiVo DVR. The plug-in is compatible with HomeSeer's HS2 and HSPRO software as well as their PRO-100 controller.

"At HomeSeer, our goal has always been to provide the widest range of integration and interface choices. With the new TiVo plug-in by GRHS, users now have another great option for controlling their HomeSeer-enabled homes.” said Richard Helmke, HomeSeer’s founder.

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"Over four million people know how easy it is to use a TiVo, and marrying that ease-of-use with the most powerful home automation system available is something we are ecstatic to be involved with." said Geoff Epstein, co-founder of GRHS Technologies.

Convenience and Unparalleled Ease-of-Use

The TiVo plug-in adds a "HomeSeer" menu entry to any TiVo Series2™ or Series3™ DVR with the Home Media Option. Selecting this provides access to menu choices to control devices or run automation events. Homeowners can dim the lights, adjust the thermostat or initiate more complex automation events without while watching movies or TV shows.

Utilizing the Latest HomeSeer Technologies

"HomeSeer supports so many technologies that the thought of trying to control all of the devices through TiVo was pretty daunting at first", said Epstein, "but the HomeSeer crew worked closely with us throughout the integration process. We couldn't have made such a powerful product without their help" adds Epstein. GRHS Technologies is already receiving requests for additional features from users and is currently planning a follow-on release slated for later this year.

About GRHS Technologies
Founded in 2006, GRHS Technologies is the newest HomeSeer Technologies partner company providing solutions for HomeSeer's professional integrators and consumer DIY users. GRHS Technologies is based in Upstate New York. GRHS Technologies corporate website is at

About HomeSeer Technologies
HomeSeer Technologies is a leading provider of home control software based in Bedford New Hampshire. Our software and hardware controllers give users the ability to integrate and automate everything in their home. Our control extends to lighting, appliances, HVAC, irrigation and audio/video devices using Z-Wave, UPB, INSTEON, Infrared and RFID technologies from leading manufacturers such as Lutron, Leviton, Intermatic, DSC, GE, Russound and Monster Cable. Our software and controllers are IP enabled, giving users remote access to their homes from anywhere in the world. Visit for more information.