Control of dimmable florecent lights


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Hi all,

I found this forum from a google search and consider myself lucky. What a treasure of information.

I've been bangin my head againts a wall trying to get this figured out. We recently did a master bed/bath add on. The lighting in the bed has 4 zones one of which is a dimmable florecent soffit lighting. I did research on the lighting but not how to control it. The ballasts installed are Advance Powerline Mark X that can dim the T5/HOs to 1% with a two line dimmer. The problem is they only work with certain dimmers, oops. I could use a Lutron Spacer system dimmer to control it but it dosen't support multi location switching for the compatible Tu-Wire system.

I am trying to find a way to control this florecent lighting with UPB. Do I have any options.

Try contacting PCS lighting, I think that Ernesto Natera had said that they have a switch in development that works with the Mark X ballast.

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