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SALT LAKE CITY--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 11, 2005--Control4 is excited to announce that it has begun shipping its award winning family of home automation products. With these new wireless and wired IP-based products, high quality home automation is available to the average consumer for the first time. The company has recently received a number industry recognition awards, including the prestigious 2005 CES "Best of Innovations" award earlier this year.

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"We believe these products have the potential to transform the home automation industry. Consumers and dealers now have access to products that offer high quality automation at a price that almost everyone can afford, and because we offer both wired and wireless solutions, they can be easily retrofitted into every home," said Will West, Chief Executive Officer of Control4. "This milestone is a result of several years of investment and work by the entire Control4 team. We are pleased to have realized our goal of delivering affordable products that are both powerful and easy to use, and look forward to delivering more innovation in the months and years ahead."

Control4 said its products significantly reduce the cost of home automation and permit consumers to incrementally upgrade their systems. Rather than spending tens of thousands of dollars to begin using automation, Control4 products make it possible to upgrade a home for as little $99 at a time. Control4 dealers are able to integrate these new solutions with the products that are already in most consumers' homes.

The company is also the first to deliver next generation wireless products based on the 802.15.4 standard (also known as ZigBee). ZigBee is the new industry standard for cost-effective mesh networking. This new standard is supported by a broad consortium of companies. ZigBee enables reliable, cost effective monitoring and control of devices throughout the home.

The family of Control4 products meets the entertainment, security, convenience and comfort needs of homeowners. From home theater control that allows any family member to easily browse and start movies by selecting from graphical on-screen cover art, to complete music management in every room, the Control4 home automation solution provides homeowners with a millionaire lifestyle on a working-class budget.

The Control4 products that are now shipping include the Media Controller, Wireless Dimmer, Wireless Switch, Ethernet Mini-Touch Screen, Wireless Touch Screen 10.5, Audio Matrix-16 Switch, Wireless Contact/Relay Extender, and System Remote Control. A second wave of products will be shipped over the next 60 days.

About Control4

Control4 makes home automation a practical option for any home by combining innovative technology with today's wired and wireless networking standards. Led by a team of experienced industry professionals, the Company focuses its expertise on providing a new breed of home automation solutions that are affordable, non-invasive, easy to install and designed to adapt to any lifestyle.

Control4 Product Information

-- Control4® Media Controller

-- Delivers multi-room music, entertainment, digital
streaming and storage

-- Easy-to-use media management system

-- Can control entire home

-- Control4® Audio Matrix Switch -- 16

-- Provides ample inputs and outputs for a large distributed

-- Signal sensing allows for custom programming for better
audio zone management

-- Control4® Wireless 10.5" Touch Screen

-- Provides wireless easy access with intuitive graphical

-- Allows for quick personalization

-- Control4® Ethernet Mini-Touch Screen

-- Streamlines navigation through color graphic display

-- Can become instant audio zone

-- Control4® Wireless Dimmer

-- Smart IP lighting solution handles 1000 watts

-- 802.15.4 (ZigBee standards)

-- Control4® Wireless Switch

-- Smart IP lighting solution handles 1000 watts

-- 802.15.4 (ZigBee standards)

-- Control4® Wireless Remote Contact/Relay Extender

-- Adds contact inputs and relay outputs to the central
system or to remote locations throughout the home

-- Control4® System Remote Control

-- Increases readability and ease of use with back-lit LCD

-- Communicates on a bi-directional, wireless IP mesh network

-- Allows management of music, lighting and other home


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