Control4 wins CES Best of Innovations Award


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Salt Lake City, UT – November 11, 2004 - Control4, a leading home automation company, today announced that the 2005 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) had bestowed its ‘Best Integrated Home System’ award to the Company for its Composer Software. The CES Best of Innovations award is given to the top products in design and engineering in 27 categories. In addition, Control4’s Wireless Dimmer, Media Controller and Mini-Touch Screen received CES honoree awards for innovative design and product advancements.

“With more than 800 entries and nearly 350 companies participating, we are pleased that an independent panel of experts leading this top consumer technology awards program would select Control4 as the winner in its category,' said Will West, Control4’s chief executive officer,. “This award is a reflection of our commitment to making home automation a reality for all consumers through innovative, affordable and easy to use products.â€

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is Control4 an actual shipping product yet? This reminds me of when HAL won the "best of show" award at EHExpo a year or more before it finally shipped as a real product. I have no faith in these marketing driven awards.
they have demonstrated the products during the last HA show in CA, but they are supposedly only shipping to a few dealers right now. Their technology sounds pretty nice, but they don't seem to be interested in marketing this to non-dealers (especially judging their responses to my emails).