Controlled Router Reset


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Every so often my router just decides to stop working. Unfortunatly it happens when I am not home to do anything about it. Well today it happened again, early in the morning. Luckily my son was home and could fix it.

I thought about plugging it into an applicance module that could then be cycled when it stopped working. But, I have the router plugged into my UPS and not sure how that will work.

Then I remembered I had a Universal Module laying around could it be of some use? What I am thinking is in the picture below. Splitting the power cable about half way down the length and cutting one strand. Wire the 2 ends to the UM and use it to cycle the power as needed. According to the specs the UM can handle 5 amps at 24 VDC and remember its current state during a power failure.

Does this sound like it would work? Any problems with doing it this way? Any better ideas?



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That would work, but why do the extra work? I control my router with an appliance module and it works well. I have a macro that runs every 15 minutes and tries to load a popular web page. If it can't, it powers the router down for 30 seconds and turns it back on.
I'm on my third DLink and have never experienced my router shutting down. I did just recently go through 6 weeks of intermittent cable internet service and after the 13th, yes the lucky 13th time they sent someone out they found out the cable modem had gone bad. I'm going to miss those low prices for those 6 weeks though.
As Squintz asked, have you tried to troubleshoot it? What make/model of router is it? I have a Linksys router that needed periodic reboots, until I went to the their site for the latest update. It nows works fine.
I don't think that you need to go the Universay Module way. The Appliance Module should work fine plugged into your UPS.