Controlling a space heater in home theater


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Problem: My basement home theater stays cool in the summer even with 110F outside it is in the mid 60s in the home theater. I dont mind it, but the wife is forever cold. I hate to run the heat in the basement everytime we watch a movie. Being nearly 2000 SQ Ft, the movie would be over before the basement reached optimal temp anyways.

Possible solution: So I thought of placing a space heater in the corner of the home theater ~300 Sq Ft. But I do not want to leave it in the hands of the kids or wife to remember to turn it on or off.

I dont want it running all the time. Occupancy in the home theater will be determined by the receiver being on instead of doomotion. (I dont think doomotion will work well enough in a low movement area like the HT) The receiver 12V trigger is connected to a relay to the ELK M1 as a zone (This way I can tell if the kids left the HT on from any keypad without going into the basement). I figured two possible solutions but can't decide which is more reliable and efficient.

Solution 1: Connect the heater to an Insteon appliance module and have homeseer turn it on/off in response the the open zone triggered by the receiver being turned on or off.

Solution 2: Connect the heater to a 12V triggered powerstrip (I know they exist, where do I find one?) run the trigger back to the ELK output. Run the script to turn it on whenever the receiver zone is on.

Any suggestions? Any better solutions?
The Insteon appliance module scenario should work just fine and should be easy to implement.
Plug a 120VAC coil, contactor relay, with 20-30 amp contacts into the Insteon and switch the 120VAC to the heater through the relay contacts.