Controlling Keypad Backlighting/LED indicators via Rules?


I currently have a M1KP LCD Keypad located near an entry door which has a glass inset. For system status obfuscation purposes, I have set up this keypad by opting: "LEDs off 60 S after no activity".
In this 'all-dark' mode, peering eyes from the outside won't see any status LEDs (such as the obvious red or green) or be able to read the keypad LCD messages. The only times I've seen a dark-mode keypad light up on its own are during: exit delay (i.e. when arming from another keypad), entry delay, and alarm mode. Otherwise it requires a key touch to 'wake up' the display and backlighting LEDs.
While this entry point has been rarely used in the past, with changing usage patterns now a lit keypad would be useful to exiting users of this door for determining system status at a glance (do I see the green ready light and proceed, or do I go back and check for violated zones?). I would like to be able to control the keypad lighting functionality via rules. 
For example, I have a motion detector that covers an area leading up to this keypad and would use this motion detector as a trigger to control the backlighting display of the particular keypad. I would like to create a rule such as: Whenever motion detector is not secure, then turn on Keypad X backlighting [for xx seconds]. However I don't find any rule options for controlling keypad lighting, although keypad lighting attributes including back light levels are programmable for each keypad in the Keypads section. (I am using ElkRP 2.0.8 - dated but working fine for me) Sending text to keypad does not activate ('wake up') the backlighting display/LEDs of any dark-mode keypad (nor can sending text be directed to a single specific keypad). Causing one of the F-keys to blink or light does not wake the backlighting either. I also do not want to induce by rule the rather extreme and unintentional situations (arming, or causing an alarm) that forces all keypads to light up and beep.
Is controlling keypad backlighting (or other attirbutes) by rule possible / any other ideas?
Is this available in a current firmware update or feature request?
...This has also gotten me to thinking, is there any reason why keypads should be lit up when armed away? Who's there to look at them?? There should be a programming option to turn off keypad LEDs when armed fully in away mode. Although the spec idle mA draw may appear minor, over time and across multiple keypads, the energy consumed adds up. This could matter moreso if the system is running on battery backup. 
Not possible to control keypad lighting via rules on the M1.
Keypad lighting, armed indicators and other options are covered by the ANSI standard/SIA CP-01 and other standards. False alarm reduction.