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Controlling Lightolier Multiset???


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The previous owner of our house installed several rooms with Lightolier Multiset lighting control. This is a hardwired system that has been extremely reliable and does scenes well, but the interface that MIGHT tie it into my HA system (Homeseer) costs about $550 and one is apparently needed for each separate circuit. Too steep for me, when I could replace the lights with either Insteon or UPB. But, I don't want to do that if I can figure out another way to interface these switches.

I know that the system interface (called an MS232) will send standard ASCII commands sent over RS232 to select on / off / or each of the 4 scene buttons on the wall controllers (which look like keypadlincs), and that the individual switch commands are transmitted to each of the switches via a single hard wire. I'm just at a bit of a loss as to how I might interface this system without buying that ridiculously priced MS232 device (4 of 'em!!) and then how I might interface with Homeseer, although that's probably easier to solve in the long run.

Does anyone know anything about this system that might help? I have no idea how each individual switch is addressed by the keypadlincs via the hardwire, so even that would be a big help.