Controlling Somfy motors with Omnipro II


Thanks to Cocoontech members, I've managed to put together a pretty good wiring/automation plan for our new home. I'm wrapping up planning and starting to procure all the equipment. The OPII will probably get ordered this week. I'm starting to turn my attention towards the [future] automation of window coverings. I plan on pre-wiring for Somfy Shades. I've got that covered along with the info on how to interface the Somfy motors with the OPII. However, it's not entirely clear to me what all the options are for the user interface into controlling the Somfy Shades. Here's a brief run down of what we'll have installed:

1. OPII (obviously)
2. Three HAI 33A00-4WN control panels - no plans for LCD touch panels
3. My wife and I both have iPhones and iPad so we'll have Haiku installed on these devices

Since I don't have my OPII, I haven't dug into the programming piece yet. I am assuming that I could program the OPII so that the shades could be controlled via the control panels as well as programming buttons on the Haiku interface. The former solution is less than desirable since my control panels aren't located in places from which we'd typically control the shades. Haiku is fine for my wife and me, but what about guests? When my parents or the in-laws are in town, we need some sort of intuitive interface so they can control the shades. So what options are out there?

Is it possible to install a multiple button UPB switch near each window and then program each button for up, down, stop, etc.? What are others doing out there for local control of shades?

Thanks to all of you who helped me get this far. The fun (and frustrating) part is coming soon - wiring goes in next week so I'll be installing the OPII soon.
You could certainly use UPB keypads to control your shades via an automation block (rule) on the OPII. Many of our installers have done the same exact thing for boardroom setups with 1-2 lights and a few shades.

You may want to consider using a load bearing UPB keypad from Simply Automated/PCS so that you can control the lights and shades from a single gang interface.

The six button keypads from PCS have an IR receiver on them. If you choose to use their keypads for your shade control you can also trip your shades via IR.