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EHX Orlando, FL – March 8, 2007 – ControlThink announces ThinkConnect, the first service in the industry to provide remote monitoring and control for all homes at prices affordable to everyday homeowners. ThinkConnect is designed specifically to work with almost all Internet-enabled cell phones, computers and web browsers. Home control and monitoring is now accessible to almost everyone from almost anywhere.

“Our goal with ThinkConnect is to meet the needs of everyday homeowners,” said Chris Walker, president of ControlThink. “While people genuinely enjoy the benefits of home control, we’ve learned that the thing people value the most is knowing that their family and home are safe and secure. ThinkConnect addresses what people really care about.”

ThinkConnect integrates with webcams to allow its users to view home activity right from their cell phone. Parents can receive alerts when their children come home from school. Homeowners can detect when an intruder enters their home while they are away or on vacation. Caretakers can adjust the thermostat to meet the needs of an aging parent when the weather changes. Homeowners can even avert disaster when they are alerted that a pipe has broken.

“In addition to convenience and ease of use, ThinkConnect offers homeowners peace of mind,” Walker said.

Multiple family members can monitor and control the home through their cell phone or computer simultaneously. Children may have restricted use through parental controls.
Families with vacation homes which lack broadband can utilize ThinkConnect as well: the home simply dials up every few hours to sync up, allowing for remote control where none was possible before.

“ControlThink’s new ThinkConnect service is very innovative. It is so quick and responsive that homeowners will likely start using their cell phone to control their Z-Wave enabled home inside as well as remotely,” said Kim Scott, Director of Global Wireless, Intermatic.

ThinkConnect is interoperable with all Z-Wave enabled devices. Homeowners can connect their homes to the Internet via any ThinkConnect-enabled product, such as ThinkEssentials software on their PC or Wayne-Dalton’s new Internet Gateway. ThinkConnect starts at $9.99 per year for single-device service (e.g., thermostat-only control) and $4.99 per month for whole-home service.

ControlThink is demonstrating ThinkConnect at the Z-Wave Alliance pavilion at the Electronic House Expo taking place March 8-10, 2007 in Orlando, FL. Contact ControlThink at 888.90THINK for more information.

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