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Here are some more details about the new SDK:


  • ControlThink Z-Wave PC SDK makes it easy for both the enthusiast and professional developer to create Z-Wave enabled software.
  • ControlThink Z-Wave PC SDK is very powerful yet simple to use:
    • Turns on a light, changes a thermostat set point, or monitors a garage door with only one line of code,
    • Integrates advanced Z-Wave technology rapidly into an existing project or commercial software,
    • Works with all types of Z-Wave devices and is Z-Wave certified,
    • Works with all .NET programming languages.
  • ControlThink Z-Wave PC SDK is built to the same high-reliability standards as all ControlThink products.
  • ControlThink Z-Wave PC SDK includes an Intermatic? USB Z-Wave Controller, programming code samples, and documentation.
  • ControlThink Z-Wave PC SDK includes access to online developer forums and community.
  • SDK introductory price of $49
  • Complete starter kit introductory price of $129
  • The SDK and a complete starter kit are both available for pre-order and download at The complete starter kit includes a full SDK, the USB gateway, a master remote and two dimming plug-in lamp modules.
I have had the honor of testing the SDK. All I can say is that Z-wave community should thank ControlThink for its entire future. I would also like to brag just a little... Chris Walker mentioned to me that this SDK was inspired by a telephone conversation that I had with him. During the conversation I asked if they would consider making their Excelent product available in an SDK so that the entire Home Automation community could benifit.

What ControlThink has done to the Z-wave technology will ultimately change its reputation forever. By making a few minor upgrades in the protocol they have made it more reliable. Their software works with old usb controllers so users will be able to experience the perks immediately. However, in order to experience all of the perks you are going to want to upgrade (purchase a new) USB controller. ControlThink is making this very affordable by selling their Zwave dongle with their SDK. For $49 you just can't beat that package deal. Make sure you read all the SDK press reviews so that you can see how it will impact you.

Don't forget to joing TONIGHTS chat session with ControlThink to learn more.
So are you saying that the SDK comes with a USB Z-Wave controller? Is it the one pictured?
Yes, and it is the one in the picture. The controller is designed to be more portable so that you can connect it to a laptop or PDA and carry it from device to device and program the USB controller as the master controller. This eliminates the need for purchasing handheld contollers.

Another feature to point out is the rediscover feature which allows you to simply send a rediscover command and it will detect the layout of your network. So when you want to remove a module and re-add it in a new location such as a plugin module you do not have to remove it from the network any longer.

I will be honest. There is just so much to this protocol improvement that need to leave it up to Chris to talk about tonight. He is a much better speaker than I am.
Here is another image (plugged into a laptop):


The $49 SDK does indeed include the hardware interface, the SDK software, and access to their dev forum. Definitely a bargain! Now anyone can add Z-wave support to their software with just a few lines of code!
this topic just got deleted from the homeseer forum, but I think Rich and Rich need to take a very close look at the SDK.

Squintz pointed out my favorite function (mesh network healing) but there are many others that I am sure Chris Walker (ControlThink) will entice the entire automation community with (the new SDK for starters.)
Hehe, HST has never been afraid to delete things from their board. They have done it before and will do it again. Although I fail to see how an SDK that would allow others to develop better plugins for HS and/or could be used to increase the overall success of Z-wave, would be directly against board policies. Maybe they are just mad that they aren't selling it or didn't invent it. HST has been in bed with Z-wave for a long time, so it seems strange that they won't be a little tolerant to increase the overall user experience. But I guess all their pro installers selling the Pro100 don't need no stinking SDK.
I didn't see the HS thread, but this may fall under their "no competing products" policy - at least in their point of view.
The post was just a copy of the press release. In the Zwave forum

If anyone saw it I thought you would...
Rupp -

The post WAS under the Z-wave topic and it was only live, or should I say alive, for approximately ten minutes.


As squintz posted, ControlThink has significantly advanced z-wave control and configuring. Their new SDK provides many new features (that I am not allowed to discuss yet - I think. Chris?). Just visit the online Chat tonight with Chris Walker and I am sure you will be swayed by the offerings of the SDK compared to what HS currently offers. Now I am not bashing HS. I have used HS for over 3 years and love it, but the z-wave control is somewhat troublesome (controllers mostly). Their z-wave implementation is x-10 like, it turn's lights on and off and that's it (less the thermostats- which the SDK also addresses). The new SDK is RELIABLE and is capable of resolving issues itself. I know with my current HS setup, I see lot's of log entries stating that z-wave device could not be found. The SDK addresses these problems. My WAF drops really fast when ONE thing fails to work, so reliability is key in my automation hobby.

On a side note, ControlThink also test's all z-wave hardware vigorously. I would be inclined to purchase any product they recommend.

I agree. I think HST may be a good CLIENT for the SDK, in addition to allowing their users to know about it. I am not a Z-wave user myself, but I would think it would be in HST's best interests to make their Z-wave implementation as good as possible, even if it means using somebody else's code.

I wish ControlThink all the best in making HA and Z-wave reliable and acceptable and affordable to the masses. Then maybe they can help kickstart some Insteon software, but that is another subject... :huh:
I am not sure why HomeSeer would delete such a topic. The dll was written with companies and individuals like them, me, and you as the audience. I would hope that if it was deleted it was because they just did not understand the product and not because they are closed minded.

I am going to try and write a program tonight when I get home to show you guys how simple it can be to write a program using their SDK. It can literally be done in only a few lines of code. Like 3 lines and you have full control.
BrianD said:
The post was just a copy of the press release. In the Zwave forum

If anyone saw it I thought you would...
I did see it but by virtue of the way I search I didn't see what forum it was listed under.

I can't figure out why they would delete this either. This would only help them with all the controller woes that exists and improve the bottom line if it's indeed a better interface. Maybe they have a ton of USB controllers to sell?