converting multiple switches to Insteon


I'm embarrassed to ask this but...

I'm changing a bunch of in-wall standard on/off light switches to Insteon SwitchLincs. Many of the lights, like my dining room chandelier, have two switches at opposite ends of the room. Do I have to replace both switches with Insteon's or can I just put in one Switchlinc and leave one manual switch? Since the standard switch isn't a dimmer will it cause problems or am I just being paranoid?

You have to replace them both. Manual switches in a 3-way circuit are hard wired together. You can't mess with one without changing them both.

You can use one SwitchLinc v2 and one Icon or do two Icons for the same price as 1 SwitchLinc v2.
Yes, you have a 3way lighting circuit (two switches controlling one load). To convert to Insteon, you need to replace both switches. One switch will control the load/light, the other simply signals the "master" switch what to do via linking.