Cost effective preamp/zone controller


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Hi all.

I am looking for a cost effective pre-amp/audio zone controller. The Xantech ZPR68-10 is perfect for my needs but is much too expensive (street prices in the $850 range).

What I need can take:

o 4+ line-level audio sources
o 6+ line-level audio outputs
o controllable over RS232 (or IP or IR)
o allows separate volume / mute / on-off per zone
o does not REQUIRE in-zone/in-room control points/keypads

I plan on controlling this thing centerally. The Channelvision A4601 looked like it would fit the bill at $400ish, but it requires per-zone IR hookups. The AudioAccess PX700 fits the bill, but I can't get a DIY price on this anywhere.

Thoughts / experiences?

use low-mid grade individual recievers . . . one for each zone . . . using IR to control them . . .

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