Could Heather be within reach???


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I just stumbled across this forum, and HAD to share it! Remmeber all the buzz about the Brightspeech voice "Heather"? (Now Acapella Group) Well it looks as if NextUp has aquired the licencing for the BrightSpeech voices!!! Something that HomeSeer Tech tried to do, and it fell through. This would mean that TextAloud or another of their apps could be ordered for around $50 to gain the use of Heather and Ryan, the Bable Speech Voices!!!!!!!

The one thing that is unclear, is if the voices will work only with TextAloud, or any TTS program. This is still kind of up in the air, so to speak, from reading the forum.

I am in the great hopes that it will work with HomeSeer when they do release the software. (fingers crossed)

Here is a link to an on going discussion with one of the NextUp people and others in the forum thread:
Check it out here.
Don't tease like that :huh: I can't believe that they are going to try to lock it down so only certain applications can use these voices. That would suck for sure.