Counter schematic?

Did the Schematic change on the Counter boards? I have a DC2-R1 (board silkscreen says "Counter V2.1") I was installing it and looked on the Hobby Boards website for the schematic and noticed a 5volt input on x1.3 that I don't remember from before. Also the current Rev is 2.5. What are the differences between these. Am I correct in using x1.3 and x1.4 for the counter pulses on the older board.
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Thanks for comment about the new site. I like the layout better and it is much easier to maintain.

The schematic did change for version 2.5 of the Dual Counter but the pinouts on the screw terminal didn't. I had to recreate the schematic because of a hard drive failure with no good backup. The only real difference between version 2.1 and 2.5 is the use of surface mount components on 2.5.

You are correct about using X1.3 and X1.4. The +5v on X1.3 has always been there is was labeled "Switch Common" on the older schematic. I renamed it because you can optionally provide +5v from an external source to help extend the life of the battery.

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Thanks. Another question but related to the Counter Board. I have a really great anemometer that I would like to connect up to two l counters on two different networks. I would connect them in parallel across the reed switch of the anemometer. Can this be done or would the sensing circuit coming out one of the of the counters interfere with the other counter. The alternative of course would be to install another reed switch in the anemometer and connect each to a separate Counter board.