couple of wiring questions

1. When installing garage door sensors, what is the best way of running the braided portion of the lead? Do you just run it through the drywall, or would it go into an electrical box.

2. Should I use the same wire size (22awg) for motion detectors?

3. What is the best wire size for the siren and indoor speaker?

THis is all for the M1 Gold.
1) Doesn't matter... what ever works is fine. I ended up mounting mine on top of the door (instead of on the floor), and the braided portion runs up the side of a beam (hidden).

2) 22-2 wire works fine (any ordinary 2-wire security wire). Only need 2 wires for the sensor.

3) I don't have a M1 (Caddx for my security), but my sirens (one on each end of the house, plus one inside) are all run using 22-2 wire. Seems to work fine.