Courageous Persuaders winner!


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Well as a proud father I just have to tell you guys about my son winning Grand Prize at the Courageous Persuaders video contest last tonight. His 30 second 'Public Service Announcement (PSA)' that is aimed as persuading grade school kids about the dangers and effects of alchohol seemingly blew away the sponsers and organizers of this event as well as being voted top video from over 120 entries. The videos were judges by different grade school kids on the overall effect the videos had by watching them.

He won $3000 in scholarship money as well as having his commercial upgraded with the help of McCann Erickson (one of the sponsers) to be broadcast on television.

His commercial and photos of the event will be on the website within the next two weeks.

He really wants to persue a carreer in directing and editing and this will go along way in opening doors for him. I will keep you posted on his progress. Who knows maybe he will make it big someday and buy his dad that dream HA house!!! lol

Congrats, that's great news! Something like this will definitely help decide which direction to go when it comes to schools and careers.
I believe he got it from the Rotalty Free music link on that webpage. I will ask him when he rises from his coffin... lol... these teens are keep such vampire hours these days.

Wow! This is excellent. What an idea way of getting teens to use that non sleeping part of the brain and actually produce. :) Does he know what he's going to do after school? Has this given him that lead that most of us didn't have when we went to college? Congratulations to both of you.