CQC and MCE Integration Question

I have some questions about a potential CQC setup and wanted to ask if this was feasable.

3 or so touchscreen, CAT5 and power access to each, one would be wireless.
1 Computer running CQC

The touchpanels would have a MCE like appearance with the following sections or areas (there may be other areas I'm missing)
Rooms - Show a listing of rooms, control lights, show temp, security zone status, etc.
Lighting - Show a listing of all lights and allow for control.
Climate - Show a listing of thermostat, temps, allow control.
Security - Show a listing of zone, logs, allow control
Events - Show a list of stored macros or commonly run ones, etc.
Audio - Allow select zone, source, show cds loaded in MCE if source was selected, play back to zones, party mode, control over audio
Video - Allow select zone, source, show dvds and videos loded in MCE if source was selected, play back in zones, control over video

From within MCE, there would be a section for My Home, that would load up the same interface as above allowing the same control. Maybe this is redundant if I can already control everything through the touchsreens.

From what I understand most of this should be possible the hurdles I see are.
1. To get the audio and video information I need the Autonomic server and right now CQC doesn't have an interface to it.
2. I'd like to get multiroom audio just from my MCE box but that software doesn't exist yet.
3. To get the CQC screen to show up on MCE there would need to be some sort of interface written that doesn't exist yet.

Basically I'm looking to build a roll my own Lifeware type system, or a Cortexa or HAI type system with a custom touchpanel interface.

One way to do it would be to flip it completely around. Let CQC provide the media repository and the distributed control and browsing of media and do all the automation and use MCE just as a player client.

What are you using MCE for that you would lose if you flipped it the other way around? You'd have much tighter integration of the media stuff with the automation system if you used CQC's media management features.