CQC and PowerHome SDM Versions


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So I downloaded an eval copy of CQC and am attempting to get Insteon going. THe first step per the CQC site is to install the SDM socket server. It in turn requried version 308 of the SDM. Now that I've installed that, PowerHome does not see the SDM and it doesn't seem to be working at all. When I load PowerHome, I get two SDM icons in the system tray and an error from PowerHome saying that it can't find it (or something to that effect). Since I used PowerHome for all my link management, etc. it's pretty critical that it work. Is there a way to point PowerHome at the new SDM?
I solved this one myself and thought I'd post the solution in case somebody else runs into this.

It turns out PowerHome puts the SDM in \Program Files\PowerHome\Smarthome\Device Manager and the SDM download puts it in \Program Files\Common Files\Smarthome\Device Manager. So on initial install I did have two versions. So I uninstalled the one in Common Files and updated the version under PowerHome to 3.08. Powerhome was happy at that point but the SDM SocketServer required by CQC still didn't like it. So at that point I uninstalled the one under PowerHome and installed it in Common Files, hoping that PowerHome would ask me where it is or something along those lines. Started up PowerHOme and it was fine so it must have found it via the registry. The socket server was fine as well.

So to co-exist, it appears you need the SDM installed in the standard Common Files location and NOT under powerhome.