CQC Insteon driver beta

Dean Roddey

Senior Member
Jonathon has done an Insteon driver for CQC that he's looking for testers for. If anyone has been holding off from evaluating CQC because of no Insteon support, you might be interested in giving it a whirl and giving him some feedback on the driver.


It's Insteon devices only, no X-10, and doesn't provide any link management. And for the short term, there's no client side configuration interface to configure which modules you want CQC to play with, you just use a simple configuration file.

So it's not as fancy as it will eventually get, but it does provide the key requirement of controlling Insteon devices via CQC.
I've updated the driver to improve command timing and removed the error when there was no scenes.txt file present.

I've also added template pack with three Insteon looking switched (graphics created by Ripper) to make it quicker to get up and playing with it.