cqc newbie

It looks like the cqc forum is down so I'll post here...
I have a ELK m1 and want to access it using CQC as my first device. I have loaded cqc and don't know where to start. Can someone give me a few ideas.

This looks like a big learning curve.

There isn't any forum problem that I can see. I've been on it all day. If you found a link somewhere on the web, it might be an out of date link. We moved to a new ISP and dedicated machine recently and moved from phpBB to vBulletin. Just go to the main website (www.charmedquark.com) and use the forum link in the upper right.

In terms of where to start, go to the Learn tab of the web site, then the Quick Tutorial section, and go through the tutorial.
benjmurray said:
Thanks My Bad. I am setting up CQC on my Daughters pc and had child protection on. Glad to see it works.

Yeah, gotta keep the kids away from CQC. Those Charmed Quarks can be dangerous!